Fen Roots - Sculpture commission for Wetherspoons

Fen Roots is a sculpture commissioned by Wetherspoons pub chain for a new pub opening in the fen town March. The new pub 'The Hippodrome' used to be a cinema and is a lovely building with loads of character.

The sculpture is really a continuation of my Fenland Series. In fact, I lived in the Fenland town March for five years and enjoyed many walks through Gault Wood and Norwood Road nature reserve. And this sculpture is inspired by the overgrown areas, the gnarled trees and old roots. Most of all I enjoyed the new growth of spring.

Sculpture commission by Wetherspoons pub
Fen Roots metal sculpture
Detail of Fen Roots sculpture

Created from metal tubing and metal pétanque balls. Lacquered and waxed.


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