Metal Sculpture - Lean On Me

Many people have asked what is the meaning behind Lean On Me. I prefer the viewer to find their own meaning but here is part of my thought process: This sculpture is metaphor for the unsung heroes - for the down trodden - the big, heavy and primary coloured red and yellow girders are supported by the smaller and calmer blue section. However, it is in fact the smallest and insignificant green (secondary colour) angle that holds the whole sculpture together.

Lean On Me is made from reclaimed scrap metal including RSJ beams and box section. This metal sculpture has been a labour of love, needing countless coats of car paint and lacquer. Not to mention the rubbing down between coats and masking off each section and the hastle of moving it. However, I am very happy with the end result and am looking forward to seeing it on show.

Lean On Me at Sculpture in the Sanctuary 2011
Metal sculpture created from reclaimed RSJ beams
Lean On Me - Sculpture viewed outside the workshop
Metal sculpture created from scrap metal
Lean On Me - Welding the sculpture in the workshop

Created from metal RSJ beams, box section, mild steel angle and car paint.

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