Grayling Sculpture - Lady of the Stream

I created this sculpture, of a Grayling (Thymallus thymallus or Lady of the Stream), from metal rods and found objects. I started by sketching out my ideas in chalk onto the workshop floor and once satisfied I hand cut and bent the rods. The most difficult part was putting the twist into the body. After welding and cleaning the sculpture was blasted and then coated in pure zinc. The zinc coating is a very long lasting finish, that is used for lamp post etc, and the silver grey colour is ideal for the Grayling.

Sculpture exhibited at Coughton Garden
Grayling sculpture beside lake at Coughton Garden
Fish sculpture exhibited at Coughton Garden
Grayling sculpture viewed in Artist's garden
Fish sculpture in progress
Graylingh sculpture in progress
Metal fish sculpture in progress

Metal rods and found objects. The final sculpture has been zinc coated via a method known as thermal spray which provides very long lasting protection. It is finished with specialist paints.

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