Circadian - Glass Table

Even though it has been a labour of love, we at Ashwinstudio are very pleased with this glass table and although we've had to overcome a lot of design and fabricating issues we have learnt so much. Obstacles included removing years of soaked in oil from the engine parts. We then had to find a way to weld hardened steel and dissimilar metals - for this we had to purchase specialist welding rods and use advanced techniques, such as preheating, to overcome brittle fracture.

Please note the glass top is recycled and not pristine, however we can supply a glass top of your choice - please contact us to discuss options and cost.

Glass table created from recycled steel
Circadian Glass Table design
Glass table created from reclaimed steel and found objects
Circadian Glass Table viewed on patio
Glass table created from recycled metal
Circadian Glass Table in workshop

Created from metal tubing and car parts.Finished in hammerite black.


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