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Fish Sculpture Commission

By , 07/10/2012 9:52 am

I created this fish sculpture after I was commissioned to create a sculpture to celebrate a 6th wedding anniversary. The wife wanted to gift the sculpture to her husband who has his own stocked lake where he frequently fishes. And although he fishes for a range of species one of his favorites is the carp (Cyprinus carpio carpio). I made a number of sketches and decided to go with the stunning mirror carp variant that was originally bred by monks, centuries ago, to have less scales for the diner plate. Some of the mirror carp have a row of large scales running along the lateral line which I decided to use six scales either side to depict celebrate their 6th wedding anniversary. After settling on final sketch, having received final approval from the client, I scaled up the drawing with chalk directly onto my workshop floor and set about creating the fish sculpture. I am pleased to say both the husband and wife are very happy with the final sculpture.


Wetherspoons Sculpture Commission

By , 03/11/2011 8:57 am

Fen Roots is a sculpture commissioned by Wetherspoons pub chain for a new pub opening in the fen town March. The new pub ‘The Hippodrome’ used to be a cinema and is a lovely building with loads of character.

The sculpture is really a continuation of my Fenland Series. In fact, I lived in the Fenland town March for five years and enjoyed many walks through Gault Wood and Norwood Road nature reserve. And this sculpture is inspired by the overgrown areas, the gnarled trees and old roots. Most of all I enjoyed the new growth of spring.

The sculpture is Created from recycled steel tubing and metal pétanque balls. The bare metal finish is lacquered and waxed.


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