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Self-Build New Art Studio – part 3

By , 12/06/2017 3:18 pm

I investigated many types of roof finishes but finally decided on a EPDM rubber roofing membrane because it is; hard-wearing, reasonably priced, not to difficult to for a DIYer, works within the height restriction and comes in the size I required. Also, I managed to find a company that supplied the full kit; the rubber, glues and various trims.

Below, the roof and trims are done – the rubber just needs trimming off.

Art studio with EPDM roof and trims

Next, the door frame goes in:


And then the vapour barrier is stapled to the walls and ceiling:



Self-Build New Art Studio – part 2

By , 12/06/2017 3:00 pm

Before I started the studio self-build I sat down and worked out what I wanted in the building and how I would position electric sockets. Top of my list was somewhere to store my art materials, also my CD and vinyl collection and a deck to play them on. It had to have good lighting but too many areas to loose heat, so opted for wide patio doors that face north and then lots of sockets so I have the option to switch from mood lighting to daylight bulbs for painting. Another necessity was heating and I set my heart on a log burner – although this would mean a compromise on space.

Another part of the planning consideration was height – it had to be within the permitted height of 2.5m. I spent a lot of time drawing plans on scaled graph paper and double checking material sizes. It was bit of a learning curve and a lot of watching YouTube about various construction techniques.

Images below show the build developing – the sub-floor has gone down and now the walls are going up:

Constructing Art Studio walls

Three of the garden room walls are up

Next, we stapled a breathable membrane to the OSB cladding, then nailed vertical battens to allow airflow (with angle cut to the base of each to direct moisture away) and then it was time to put up the roof joists.


Perhaps the worst job of all was cutting and fitting the insulation – it get everywhere. Below I have insulated the walls and now nail-gunning the roof boards:



Watching paint dry

By , 06/16/2009 9:33 pm

I have paintings on the go, all at different stages, some very close to completion and others midway. However, they are all at a stage where they need to dry before I can continue.

Three are landscapes and two are abstract. Hopefully, I will post some pics of them soon.


Soften old brushes

By , 06/09/2009 12:55 pm

For natural hair brushes I use diluted hair conditioner.

Another method is to dip the brush in linseed oil and leave overnight before rinsing out.


En plein air

By , 06/05/2009 1:03 pm

Finished framing another of my Norfolk Broads paintings, this one was one of two I painted en plein air on a cold late winters day. I had to keep switching between the two as the light changed.

Norfolk Broads series

Norfolk Broads series


Art Tips

By , 03/30/2009 6:03 pm

How to remove a dent from a canvas?

I had a small dent in one of paintings so tried a method I had read about some time ago: Dip a cloth (I used tongs) in boiling water and apply to the back of the canvas/dent. As if by magic the dent disappeared.


Welcome to Ashwin Studio

By , 02/21/2009 5:47 pm

 I plan to update this blog with my new work and work in progress.

Part of Ashley Baldwin-Smith's series of fenland scenes

Part of Ashley Baldwin-Smith's series of fenland scenes

Recently, I have been working on a series of paintings depicting the fens. I spend a lot of time out in the fens sketching; fishing and walking my dog and it seemed natural to paint it. I have worked in a variety of styles – whatever felt right for the scene, mood, time of day and most of all how it made me feel. 

Oil paint and mixed media

Oil paint and mixed media

I have also been working on a very different series titled ‘recycled art’. For some I have purchased art from charity shops and then reworked them. For others, I have collected found objects and created a number of different sculptures and assemblages.


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