Kenneth Baldwin-Smith A.R.C.A.

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I have now created a dedicated webpage about my great grandfather Kenneth Baldwin-Smith.

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I am trying to trace work and information about my great grandfather Kenneth Baldwin-Smith. I did know him well (he died when I was 14) and I spent hours watching him paint and sketch – either in his studio or plein air when he joined us on holiday.

Portrait of a judge by Kenneth

Portrait of a judge by Kenneth

He spent much of his later life as a portrait painter based in Shelford, Cambridge. He also loved to paint the local landscape. His descendants, including me, own some of his work but there is so much we do not know about.

Tapetry designed by Kenneth Baldwin-Smith hanging at Angelsey Abbey

Tapetry designed by Kenneth Baldwin-Smith hanging at Angelsey Abbey

He was born in 1893 and spent the early part of his life in Nelson, Lancashire where he enrolled in night school to study art. After the WW1 he attended the Royal College of Art and graduated in 1923 with ARCA in design.

During his career; he worked in Italy working on stained glass, he worked for the Cambridge Tapestry company designing tapestries for Angelsey Abbey and the Queen Mother, in lean times he painted pub signs and designs on Chivers vans (the famous producers of jam and jelly).

If you own any work by Kenneth Baldwin-Smith (he signed his work K Baldwin-Smith, Kenneth Smith, K.B. Smith, Kenneth Baldwin-Smith, Ken Smith and sometimes attached a label on the back with Kenwin Studio) or have any information about him please send info or any photos to :

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4 Responses to “Kenneth Baldwin-Smith A.R.C.A.”

  1. Chris Horricks says:

    We just liaised in time! On Easter Sunday Cellulitis attacked my left leg and the next five weeks were spent in bed: been up since Wednesday. Hope all is well with you.

  2. Ashley says:

    I am very sorry to hear that Chris – hope you get well soon. It was lovely meeting you and thanks for finding my families paintings – I am still in ‘happy’ shock.

  3. Andrew Jacob says:

    I have in my collection a glass panel that is etched with a drawing of what appears to be grass with dragonfly flying. At the back of the panel there appears to be in a gold style 3 other flying insects, ie butterflies, moths? The glass panel is signed Keith Baldwin Smith 77. Would this be some of your grandfathers work as I have failed to establish the artist. Any information would be appreciated.

  4. Ashley says:

    Hi Andrew,
    Yes that would be by Keith (my grandfather and who was the son of Kenneth) , I have one on my wall. Far as I recall, he sold many to a collector in Australia.

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