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Serpentine – Sculpture created from found objects

By , 03/07/2015 11:03 am

Serpentine is a sculpture created from recycled roll-cage tubing, scrap metal off-cuts and found objects. I fabricated the sculpture by reshaping the tubing and welding to my desired shape. I have left this sculpture to rust as I really like the reddish patina – it will outlive me.

Serpentine metal sculpture

Detail of Serpentine sculpture


New sculpture titled Immutatus – upcycled roll cage and boules

By , 03/05/2015 8:45 pm

Immutatus is a sculpture created from recycled steel tubing, steel rod and pétanque balls. I have allowed part of the surface to rust, whilst other areas have been spayed with a variety of colours. I built up the layers of paint and then in areas I used a grinder cut back – sometimes right back to metal.

I have worked on this over many months as I kept changing my mind; a layer paint, leave it for a while, another layer of paint, grind back, repaint, let it rust, repaint and so on.

Upcycled metal sculpture

Metal sculpture


Sculpture in the Vineyard

By , 03/13/2013 2:41 pm

I will be exhibiting sculpture and sculptural furniture at the Sculpture in the Vineyard exhibition.

7 acres
50 artists
200 artworks

11th – 19th May 2013
Monday to Friday 11 – 6pm
Saturday & Sunday 11 – 7pm

Bothy Vineyard, Frilford Heath, Oxon, OX13 6QW.

Amongst others, I will be exhibiting a new metal fish sculpture similar to the Carp below:


Siting sculptures at Kingham Lodge

By , 05/10/2012 1:44 pm

A rainy day siting my recycled metal sculptures at Kingham Lodge sculpture exhibition.


Photos from exhibition at Williams Art, Cambridge

By , 09/27/2011 2:08 pm

Thought I would post a few photos of some of the sculpture and furniture from my Lost & Foundry 2 exhibition at Williams Art in Cambridge.


Yellow Hat – metal head sculpture

By , 09/27/2011 2:00 pm

This is a real fun piece and I really enjoyed making this. It is another sculpture that almost made it’s self – in that I looked at assortment of parts and see a hat, hair and a head. And it is always a good feeling to recycle found objects to create art.


Combine 1 – sculpture created from combine harvester

By , 09/27/2011 1:55 pm

Combine 1 is created from many blade holders originally used on a combine harvester. Four blades are welded together to create a diamond then the six diamonds are joined and finally mounted on the beech base. I recently exhibited it at my Lost & Foundry 2 exhibition at Williams Art in Cambridge.


Steel Life

By , 09/27/2011 11:27 am

This sculpture is created from a collection of farm tools and parts that date back over a lifetime of work on the farm.

I am a huge fan of the late and great sculptor David Smith and based my dissertation on his and Caro’s work and methods. And I freely admit he has influenced much of my work.


Lean On Me – Sculpture in the Sanctuary

By , 07/27/2011 9:55 am

Many people have asked what is the meaning behind Lean On Me. I prefer the viewer to find their own meaning but here is part of my thought process: This sculpture is metaphor for the unsung heroes – for the down trodden – the big, heavy and primary coloured red and yellow girders are supported by the smaller and calmer blue section. However, it is in fact the smallest and insignificant green (secondary colour) angle that holds the whole sculpture together.

Lean On Me is made from reclaimed scrap metal including RSJ beams and box section. This metal sculpture has been a labour of love, needing countless coats of car paint and lacquer. Not to mention the rubbing down between coats and masking off each section and the hastle of moving it. However, I am very happy with the end result and am looking forward to seeing it on show.


Trinity – Sculpture in the Sanctuary

By , 07/26/2011 4:22 pm

Of all the sculptures I have created, Trinity is one my favorite sculptures as it was a milestone in my development as an artist. I visualised it my head and then created it without drawings. The only real planning was to program the CNC to punch out the shapes. So it is great to Trinity in such beautiful landscape with a lake as a backdrop.


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